The Best Dog Harness You Will Ever Own!

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Best Dog Harness You Will Ever Own!

Check out the chart size below and measure carefully!  If you're unsure, chat to our team or go for a slightly larger size as the harness can always be tightened.


 Please measure carefully!  If for whatever reason your harness does not fit your dog, please email and we will send you a size larger or smaller - just pay shipping!   All we ask is that you donate your original order to a local animal shelter.

 Taking your dog for a walk will now be a lot more comfortable (for you and your pup!) with this Soft Adjustable Dog Harness! For certain breeds and certain pups, harnesses are just a far better choice than traditional collars. Especially for breeds that may be prone to respiratory problems or neck injuries, plus strong breeds where ultimate control is desired & required. Why is our harness so great? 

  • Comfortable for your Pup
  • Designed for strong dogs
  • Easy to put on and remove
  • Flexible, secure, and lightweight.
  • Reflective, Padded, Quick Release
  • Material: Nylon
  • Practical and durable
  • Made from a soft and breathable air mesh
  • Traditional neck collars put added stress on the windpipe which can invoke sever coughing or gagging in many dogs

As our staff for their experience in the chat window below... this is THE best dog harness we have ever owned!



I've had dogs my entire life but this is the first harness that seriously makes walking my dogs easier. They seem more relaxed, I feel I have more control - everyone is just happier. I love it! 
- Nancy Turner, Huston TX -