The BEST Dog Leash You Will Ever Own!

 Simply put - this is The Best Dog Leash You Will Ever Own!

This is a classic, traditional, high quality, high strength, durable dog leash built to last forever and designed for any sized dog!

Simply a must have for every dog owner. A classic nylon leash. Strong, durable, lightweight and overall perfect for any dog!

The official Leash to accompany The Best Harness You Will Ever Own!

  • Many colors available!
  • Strong, durable, and crafted with high quality care and materials
  • Perfect for dogs of all sizes and strengths - from the tiniest pup to the strongest! 
  • One size fits all!

 Questions? Just message us! 

Reg Price: $33.79

If priced on sale, please note that supplies are limited and sale prices cannot be saved or rain-checked.

I've had the retractable leashes, leather leashes, Walmart leashes and almost everything inbetween. This leash however...will be my last. It is awesome, strong, and seriously well built. Plus I got 3 of them in different colors which keeps it fun!"
- Ashley Simpson, Denver CO -
Due to huge demand shipping can take between 3-5 weeks.