Dog Pets Car Safety Seat Belt

Going out on a trip with your dog will be a lot safer thanks to this remarkable Car Safety belt with safety lock. With this safety belt, your pup is restrained and kept in a safe position during car travel. If you've ever been driving down the road with your dog in the car, only to end up having your dog in your lap, you'll appreciate the obvious safety that a product like this can provide! No more distracted driving as you'll no longer need to keep an eye on your dog out of fear he or she will jump on your lap while driving!

  • Quick and easy installation. Clicks directly into the seatbelt slot. Simply click the safety lock into your dog's harness.
  • High quality nylon fabric
  • Adjustable strap / adjustable to all seat belts
  • Quick release
Due to huge demand shipping can take between 3-5 weeks.